Arctic Health

The Arctic Health (AH) research group focuses on climate change and human health and well-being in the Arctic. The main theme in research is One health approach, including research ethics and community participation.

Contact information

Research group leader

  • Arja Rautio

Research group description

Projects cover environmental health, discrimination and marginalization, demographic population changes, and Indigenous health and well-being. We collaborate with several universities and research institutes in the Arctic through University of the Arctic Thematic NetworksArctic Council (health groups in Sustainable Development Working Group, SDWG and Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, AMAP), research projects and Arctic Five activities. The members of the AH participate in the circumpolar doctoral education and Nordic projects, such as Arctic Youth and Sustainable Futures and hold leading positions in the UArctic,  International Union of Circumpolar Health (IUCH), Circumpolar Health Research Network (CHRN) and Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health (NSCH).

Arctic Health team:

(main research group members)

VP Research UArctic, Professor Arja Rautio, Group Leader, MD, PhD, European Registered Toxicologist

Dr Rautio has been working in the topic of Arctic health and well-being since 2006. Her main research interests are on One health and climate change, Indigenous health and wellbeing, and research ethics. She is PI in several research projects funded by EU or national fundings and acting as a national key expert in the Human Health groups of the AMAP and member of  SDWG of the Arctic Council. She is a board member of IUCH and Chair of NSCH, and a board member of the Arctic Society of Finland (2021-).

Email: arja.rautio (at) 
Phone number: +358 40 5855776 

Docent Khaled Abass, PhD, European Registered Toxicologist 

Senior Toxicologist. Dr Abass received 2010 his PhD from Faculty of Medicine, UOulu, and is working as senior researcher. The main research interests are on environmental toxicology and human health risk assessment. In 2014, he has granted Adjunct Professor in Environmental Toxicology from the U Helsinki. He is a member of Human Health assessment group of the AMAP. He is a member of several international and national funded projects.

Email: khaled.megahed (at) 
Phone number: +358 45 1106720 

Dr. Ulla Timlin, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher. In 2015, she received her PhD from Faculty of Medicine, UOulu, Finland. The main research interests are on mental health and well-being, especially on children, youth and families. She is working in the EU Horizon 2020 funded research project, “Nunataryuk”. Her main task is to investigate and assess risks of mental wellness associated with climate change and permafrost thaw. Her two other research projects are: Understanding the experience of mental health and wellbeing of young Sami reindeer herders in Finland using arts-based methods and Arctic Covid 19 Fulbright Project.

Email: ulla.timlin (at) 
Phone number: +358 29 4483555, +358 50 4725354

Dr. Anastasia Emelyanova, PhD 

Postdoctoral Researcher, Vice-Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Health and Well-being. In 2015, she received PhD from Faculty of Medicine, UOulu. Her research interests include aging, demographic and population changes in the Arctic, One Health, policy and innovation in Arctic health. She is a coordinator of the project “Indigenous and non-indigenous residents of the Nordic-Russian region: Best practices for equity in healthy ageing” (2020-2022), and researcher in several international projects, such as NDI ThinkTank, EDCMET, Nunataryuk, AGE-Arctic and  book contributions.

Email: anastasia.emelyanova (at)  
Phone number: +358 50 5059636