Anna Reetta Rönkä

Anna Reetta Rönkä

Rönkä is PhD and postdoctoral researcher in LIVES project (Lives over time: Birth cohort studies as a form of scientific knowledge-production, 2018-2021, Academy of Finland). In the project her focus areas are changing (research) ethics and their impact on Birth Cohort research; affordances and challenges of birth cohort data for gender research, and research participants´s experiences and evaluations on birth cohort studies.

Rönkä defended her doctoral thesis "Experiences of loneliness from childhood to young adulthood. Study of Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986" in 2017. In her PhD she utilized mixed methods research framework. She has lectured in courses related to topic of loneliness in Gender Studies. Her broader research interests include health and wellbeing in the northern circumpolar areas.

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