Kvantum Institute

Kvantum Institute is one of the four focus institutes at the University of Oulu. Kvantum supports high-quality research and coordinates multidisciplinary research activities and doctoral training on the University's strategic focus areas Sustainable materials and systems and Changing climate and northern environment. Digitalization is applied to our research by means of modern sensing technologies and data analytics.

The Institute promotes interdisciplinary networking of research groups as well as co-operation between groups and national and international partners.


Kvantum Institute contributes to solving global challenges by strategic research projects. University of Oulu’s strategic research funding is directed for these multidisciplinary, internationally reviewed projects for the period 2021 - 2024.

Research outputs


Kvantum Institute is driving a process called “Foresight based identification of interdisciplinary research themes”. The objective is to outline a number of possible interdisciplinary research themes for 2022-2040. For this purpose a customised future radar was implemented. The time horizon on the future radar is set at 2040 and its sectors reflect the research at the University of Oulu and the Kvantum Institute: materials and mining, digitalisation and sensors, Arctic research and climate change, space, energy, nature, and biodiversity and health. Researchers involved in the process identified approx. 30 multidisciplinary future research themes which will be promoted actively by the Kvantum Institute. The shared view of the future themes will be passed on both to national and EU level research programmes. Foresight work is a continuous activity and research themes are reviewed and updated from time to time.

More information: Research director Jussi Paakkari

Foresight workshop. Photo: Jouko Inkeröinen

Doctoral training

Kvantum Institute develops doctoral training and coordinates Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme (TNS-DP) in cooperation with University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS). TNS-DP is related to the focus areas Sustainable materials and systems and Changing climate and northern environment, coordinated by Kvantum Institute, and it offers doctoral training to its doctoral researchers by organizing courses and other activities and events.

Kvantum institute, together with the Arctic Interactions profile theme, organized a workshop about the University of Oulu's research on climate change and Arctic issues. The workshop was part of the UniOulu Science Day programme in April 2023.

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