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  • Docent
    Tuula Hurtig
  • Juha Veijola

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The Neuropsychiatric Research group explores neuropsychiatric disorders using wide range of methods, from epidemiological methods to studies on brain structure and functions.

Docents Tuula Hurtig is responsible of studies on ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Professor Juha Veijola is responsible of studies on psychotic disorders and psychosis risk.

Most study participants with neuropsychiatric disorder are members of the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts 1966 and 1986 (NFBC 1986; Especially, the NFBC 1986 is a unique prospective birth cohort, which enables reliable database of studying risks and consequences of the disorders. The group is a member of the PSYCOHORTS Consortium (, which aims to harmonize psychiatric data in eight large birth cohorts in Finland

In addition, psychotic disorders will be studied in the SUPER study ( Juha Veijola is responsible of cognition studies within the SUPER study.

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We are on the way of collaborating with other large birth cohorts with similar data sets. This will be possible with ALSPAC, Generation R and Saguenay Youth Study. With this collaboration, we will be able to produce high-level research in neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Research Unit of Clinical Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

tuula.hurtig[at] or juha.veijola[at]