Northern Finland Birth Cohorts – Research program for health and well-being

Northern Finland Cohorts comprise collections of data and biological samples from large population studies that are administrated by the Infrastructure for Population Studies at the Medical Faculty, University of Oulu.

The Northern Finland Birth Cohorts, NFBC1966 and NFBC1986, form a longitudinal research program which aims to promote health and well-being of the population. The data has been collected from more than 20,000 individuals, who have been followed on a regular basis since antenatal period by health care records, questionnaires and clinical examinations as well as data on their parents and offspring (total n ~ 70,000). In addition cohorts from northern Finland aging individuals, Oulu35 and Oulu45, and a population study The Young in Northern Finland, are contributing to this unique resource, which allows to study the life-course determinants and pathways to health and diseases, and to understand the role of social, genetic and environmental factors occurring between two generations.

The multidisciplinary research conducted with Northern Finland Cohorts supports the Arctic attitude strategy at the University of Oulu, especially the thematic focus area of The Molecular and Environmental Basis of Life-long Health.

Northern Finland Birth Cohorts - video in YouTube.