Digitalization and smart society

We explore how digitalization can work for everyone. Research topics include sensing and ubiquitous wireless sensor systems, wireless communication and other novel services and systems. Our research targets future information infrastructures and integrates aspects of technology adoption by complex human groups, communities and societies.

Research from 6G to emotion AI

In wireless communications and 6G technology research, we are pioneering internationally.

In addition to 6G, our research also covers

  • virtual reality, VR applications and experiences
  • artificial intelligence, including machine vision and its exploitation, e.g. in emotion AI applications and disease analysis
  • robotics and its various application areas
  • analysis of large amounts of data
  • cyber security
  • software
  • new materials and manufacturing methods of electronics

Our research also engages human sciences in the development of intelligent technologies.

Researchers and projects

Take a look at our researchers and their research topics.

Research projects

The University of Oulu participates in research collaboration projects of national and international significance. Below you can find information on some research projects.

For more information on projects, see research area spearhead projects and emerging projects.

Coordination and faculties

Multidisciplinary research activities in the research area of digitalization and smart societies are coordinated by the Infotech Oulu. Research is conducted mainly in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

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