Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme

The Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme offers field specific doctoral training to its doctoral researchers by organizing courses and other activities and events.

Degree programmes

Doctoral researchers from the following degree programmes belong to the Doctoral Programme for Technology and Natural Sciences:

  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geography (physical geography)
  • Geosciences and Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Process and Environmental Engineering.

Check the study requirements in your own doctoral degree programme!

TNS-DP activities / courses

Activities 2024

Research environment

Kvantum Institute

Kvantum Institute is one of the four focus institutes at the University of Oulu. Kvantum supports high-quality research and coordinates multidisciplinary research activities and doctoral training on the University's strategic focus areas Sustainable materials and systems and Changing climate and northern environment.

Contact information

Doctoral programme coordinator

  • Riitta Kamula, riitta.kamula(at)
  • Contact for questions related to courses and events organized by the doctoral programme

Graduate school coordinator

  • Niina Timosaari-Hyry, niina.timosaari(at)
  • Contact for general questions related to doctoral training