Organisation and contact information of UniOGS

The main goal of the University of Oulu Graduate School is to promote high-quality doctoral education for all doctoral researchers at the University of Oulu. Please contact us for more information!

Operation of the Graduate School

The aims of Oulu University Graduate School:
  • To educate doctors within a period of four-years of full-time training
  • The graduates have acquired the professional and social skills necessary for doctoral level positions.
  • The graduates have the ability to search for, produce and apply knowledge, good team-work skills, and the ability to work internationally
The tasks of the University of Oulu Graduate School:
  • Provide support and ensure equal opportunities for every student to complete the doctoral degree
  • Provide general and transferable skills courses
  • Monitor studies and take care of study administration
  • Administrate doctoral study rights and degrees
  • Provide and develop uniform processes in doctoral education in the University of Oulu (admission, study and thesis requirements, supervision and monitoring of the studies)

The Graduate School is also guided by European principles in doctoral training (Seven Principles of Innovative Doctoral Training).



University of Oulu Graduate School
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1
P.O. Box 8100
90014 University of Oulu

Internal mail: Kompassi 2

Director and coordinators

The director of the Graduate School is D.Sc. Annu Perttunen.

tel. 0294 48 7463
e-mail: annu.perttunen(at)

Graduate School Management Group

The task of the Management Group is to support the director of the Graduate School in leading and developing the doctoral training as well as implementing the strategy of the University.

The Management Group consists of the chairs in each Doctoral Programme Committee, the representatives of the focus institutes and other members that the Vice Rector for Education has appointed. After hearing the Student Union’s proposal, the Vice Rector for Education appoints also doctoral researchers to the Management Group.

Doctoral Programme Committees

The Doctoral Programme Committee handles issues ranging from admission to accepting the doctoral thesis. Each doctoral researcher in the University of Oulu belongs to one of the four doctoral programmes and the corresponding Doctoral Programme Committee.

Doctoral programmes

The doctoral programmes offer field-specific doctoral training to doctoral researchers by organising courses and other activities and events.