TNS-DP course funding

Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme grants funding for doctoral training activities. These activities may comprise e.g. field-specific courses, joint or methodological courses suitable for several fields of science / study, courses arranged in national or international cooperation, Research plan and seminar –courses suitable for several fields of science / study.
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Call for proposals for course funding and other doctoral training activities

The University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) has allocated funding to the Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme to be used to organize doctoral training activities within the following Doctoral Degree Programmes: Architecture; Biology; Chemistry; Civil engineering; Geography; Geosciences, mining engineering & mineral processing; Industrial engineering and management; Mathematical sciences; Mechanical engineering; Physics and astronomy; Process and environmental engineering.

Submission of applications for courses arranged during 2023

The available annual amount of the course funding is limited, please apply funding as soon as possible and preferable in the beginning of the year. Deadlines for course funding proposal submissions are Wednesdays of the previous week before each doctoral training committee meeting (meeting schedule of DTC TNS in this link.) The meetings are once a month except for July. The funding decisions will be made on the following Tuesday's DTC meeting. The persons responsible for the proposals will be informed about the decisions usually within two weeks after the decisions have been made.

NOTE : Please consider arranging fully online courses or hybrid courses. Lecturing and tutoring fees can be paid also from distance instruction.

NOTE: Availability of the funding will be informed via supervisor / researcher list of the TNS-DP. Please contact the TNS-DP Coordinator if you wish t o have these e-mails.

How to apply?

Each proposal should include the following two items:

A. Short description of the training activity proposal (total length: 1-2 pages):

  1. The name(s) of the contact person responsible for the proposal and the related Doctoral Degree Programme
  2. Title, code, planned time and place of the course and the applied amount for the activity
  3. The fields covered by the course. If relevant, describe also cross-disciplinary or other actions included in the course (within Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme and/or with other Doctoral Programmes or with other institution(s).
  4. A description of the need for the course in the context of the training offered by the Doctoral Degree Programme(s), and the need for, and added value provided by, the participation of the other partner(s) (if applicable);
  5. A description of the course, including:
    • The goals of the course;
    • The type of course, the learning activities undertaken by the students, and the methods to be employed for its delivery;
    • The teachers and the contents of the course, including details of the different contributions to be made by each of the partner institutions (if applicable)
  6. Priority ranking, if more than one course/activity is applied by the applicant.

B. Filled web-form with detailed information about the course

E.g. contact information, participating units, course details, budget and other information). For your convenience the web-form as a pdf file (NOTE: use this only to check what is needed)

Link to the web-form here

Guidelines for acceptable costs

Acceptable costs
  • The funding may be used to cover the costs directly related to the running of the course (for example, consumables for practical courses, hourly rental costs for seminar rooms, lecture halls, laboratories and video streaming, etc.).
  • The budget may also take include possible mobility costs for attending the course, both for the students and for the course teachers, if the course is arranged together with national or international partner institution outside.
  • Mobility costs may include only the travel and accommodation costs and honoraria for external and foreign teachers invited to Oulu.
  • Other mobility costs include only the travel and accommodation costs of teachers from University of Oulu to teach in a national course elsewhere in Finland or abroad, and the travel and accommodation costs of doctoral students from Oulu attending a national course elsewhere in Finland or abroad.
  • Funds may not be used for the purchase of any equipment or infrastructure.
Some guidelines for budgeting:
  • Travelling costs: Finland 500 €; Europe 1000 €; outside of Europe 1500 €
  • Accommodation / day / person in Finland; max: Invited lecturers and staff 100 €, students 70 €
  • Lecture fees: (invited lecturers): Professors max 137 €/h, other lecturers max 92 €/h

Submission and further information


The course proposal includes two parts, a short description and the filled web form. The short course proposal (items 1-6) should be send to Coordinator Riitta Kamula (riitta.kamula (at)

Further information

For further information concerning the call, please contact:

  • Coordinator, Riitta Kamula (firstname.lastname (at)
  • TNS-DTC Chair Aulikki Herneoja (firstname.lastname (at)