Follow-up group

Each doctoral researcher in the University of Oulu has a follow-up group, which offers support in regular meetings.

What is a follow-up group?

A follow-up group is formed by 2-3 external experts to support the doctoral researcher and follow the progress of the doctoral research and studies. The follow-up group gives constructive feedback on research, study and career plans of the doctoral researcher. The supervisor(s) and the doctoral researcher agree on issues related to the contents and execution of the research.

How to nominate a follow-up group?

The doctoral researcher discusses with the principal supervisor about suitable follow-up group members and asks for their consent in advance. The doctoral researcher proposes the follow-up group with the form available in the eForms service. Note that the consents e.g. by e-mail from all members are required as an attachment!

The chair of the Doctoral TProgramme Committee nominates the follow-up group.

Follow-up group meetings

The doctoral researcher arranges a follow-up meeting regularly (about once a year) and presents the progress in studies and research for the follow-up group. For the first meeting, the doctoral researcher prepares a Doctoral Training Plan together with the principal supervisor. For later meetings, the doctoral researcher sends a progress report on the research and studies and a summary of next year's goals to the follow-up group members before the meeting.

The follow-up group meeting can be arranged online, or from the second meeting onwards, as an e-mail meetings.

See the instructions below for the individual follow-up meetings.


The chair of the follow-up group fills in a report after each follow-up meeting and sends it to the Graduate School (uniogs(at), doctoral researcher and supervisor.

After the first meeting, the chair submits the report together with the Doctoral Training Plan, which the follow-up group has approved.

Please write in the subject bar of the email: FuG 1./2./3. meeting and the doctoral researcher's name