Study right and passive register

Doctoral researchers are obligated to register at the University annually in order to be able to exercise their right to study. The doctoral study right is valid until the completion of the degree.

Study right and annual registration

The doctoral study right is valid until the completion of the degree, unless the doctoral researcher wants to give up the right to study earlier. "Renouncement of right to study" form can be filled in the Eforms system.

Doctoral researchers must register at the University annually in the OILI online service. More information and the registration periods can be found at university's For students pages. Registration fees or annual tuition fees are not collected from doctoral researchers.

Passive register

A doctoral researcher’s study right is declared passive if they have no registered study attainments during the past two consecutive academic years, or if the doctoral researcher has enrolled as absent, or neglected to register at the University, for the past two academic years.

The past two academic years refer to the academic year when the check for passive study rights is made, and the academic year before that. The doctoral researcher can reactivate the study right by following the instructions below.

Passive register applies to all levels and degree programmes of the University (University of Oulu Education Regulations § 9).

Check the instructions on how to register study attainments from the "Study requirements" page.

How to reactivate the study right?

Passive register can be decoded by reactivating the study right. During the reactivation process, doctoral researcher is requested to pay a re-registration fee (35 euros, instructions given separately during the process).

The reactivation process of the study right depends on the stage of the doctoral studies. Please check from the study register if your Doctoral Training Plan has been accepted and/or follow-up group nominated, and act according to the instructions below.