Continuing Students | Annual Registration

Registration period for continuing students for Academic Year 2024–2025 is open from May 1st to September 13th, 2024.

Online registration in OILI-service

Continuing students use OILI online service to register during annual registration period 1.5.–13.9.2024. If for any reason you are unable to register automatically through OILI, you can register in person by contacting your Academic Affairs Service team.

The registration period only for the Spring semester is 1.12.2024-31.1.2025. In that period, you can also change your absence registration for the Spring semester to attendance in the OILI service.

Students who are liable to pay for tuition

  • Students who are required to pay tuition fee for their studies, need to register in person at Academic affairs service points, not electronically in OILI. Students must pay their tuition fee before they can register as attending.

Registration at Academic Affairs Service Points

If you you do not have a valid user account (e.g. you have registered as non-attending for your first academic year due to a statutory reason) or you cannot register automatically for some other reason, you can also register by contacting the Academic Affairs Service Teams during the registration period.

Degree students (excluding PhD students) must pay the Student Union membership fee before registering. You can either:

  1. Send an email containing your full name, date of birth, and receipt of paid Student Union membership fee to your Faculty's Academic Affairs Services
  2. Please mention which study rights you will be registering for.
  3. Visit your faculty's Academic Affairs Service Point. In order to be able to register, you will need to have your student card or ID with you and show a receipt of paid Student Union membership fee. See the opening hours at Academic Affairs Service Teams.

Forgot to register?

If you do not register for attendance or non-attendance during the registration period, you will lose your study right at the University of Oulu. The process for reactivating your study right depends on the timing of your application for readmission.

A student having both degree and doctorate study right

In case the student has both degree study right and doctoral study right, the registration has to be done for both study rights. If the student wishes only to take part in doctoral studies, the student will have to give up one's study right as a degree student. Resignation form can be filled out in Eforms system. In order to retain both study rights, the student will have to pay the Student Union Membership fee for degree study right.

Student card

Read more of student card from the Student Union pages.