Anna Liisa (Annu) Ruotsalainen

plant and fungal ecology, microbiology

Ecology and Genetics
Faculty of Science

Anna-Liisa Ruotsalainen

I am doctor (title of docent) in plant and fungal ecology. I work as curator in the Botanical museum and Botanical garden of the University of Oulu. Ecology of plant-fungal interactions is my main research interest.



  • Ecology of Hippuris vulgaris (nelilehtivesikuusi)

Past (most recent):


BSc, MSc theses

Research training

Responsible lecturer/teacher in courses:

  • Advanced identification of plant species I and II
  • Botanical collections and digital herbarium
  • Identification of garden plants
  • Identification of plants
  • Macrofungi

Responsible on exams (co-teaching):

  • BSc final examination (book exam)
  • MSc final examination in biology (book exam)
  • Examinations on optional topics in biology (book exam)
  • Optional examinations on environmental protection (book exam)

Co-lecturer on courses:

  • Environmental impact assessment and ecological inventory of natural resources
  • Symbiosis

Research interests

  • plant-fungal interactions
  • root fungal endophytes
  • human microbiome

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Visiting address

Room KM105, Kaitoväylä 5 (Botanical garden)

Postal address

POB 3000 90014 Oulun yliopisto (Botanical garden)