Charlotte Ditlevsen

Doctoral Researcher
Isotope Hydrology

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Technology

My background is in hydrology/hydrogeology having worked with different analysis approaches particularly extreme statistics for flood risk assessments and restoration of natural hydrology in forest and agricultural areas.

My research at the University of Oulu revolts around stable water isotopes of snow with a specific focus on meltwater. Our aim is to correct any bias that currently exists around snowmelt data used in hydrological climate models, to better predict how a changing climate will affect water accessibility in the future.
I am doing extensive fieldwork, sampling snow (snowfall, snowpack, and snowmelt) in Finland but I am also aiming to develop a global network of snowmelt enthusiast to better understand my research questions.

Research interests

  • Hydrology
  • Snow - Snowfall, Snowpack, and Snowmelt
  • Isotope hydrology
  • Climate Change
  • Cold Region Climates

Researcher information

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Visiting address

PR 341
Pentti Kaiteran katu 1

Postal address

P.O.Box 8000
FI-90014 University of Oulu
Tel. +358 294 48 0000