Evangelos Mourelatos

Post Doc Researcher
Behavioral & Experimental Economics

Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance
Oulu Business School


Being Part of GenZ - Economic Resilience research team

My research specifically focuses on issues related to economic resilience. I study how people, communities, and societies can be made stronger and more resilient as they use and develop intelligent and digital technologies. I am also interested in how human resilience is affected by technological development and what potential roles new technologies can play in the development of resilience, especially in the online labor markets. Increasing digitalization shapes the economy, and I am try to examine the ways how it happens. I investigate, also, how digital solutions can strengthen the ability of people, organizations, businesses and regions to adapt to economic change.

Research interests

  • Personality, Mood
  • Online Labor Markets, Crowdsourcing
  • Field and Lab Behavioral Experiments

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00358 504068389

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Pentti Kaiteran katu 1 (Oulu Business School)

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90570 Oulu