Filip Fedorik

University lecturer / researcher
Building physics

Civil Engineering
Faculty of Technology

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My primary focus of research involves the comprehensive investigation of current and emerging building designs with the aim of predicting potential risks and ensuring a healthy indoor environment. In particular, my research revolves around the application of building physics principles through numerical modeling techniques.

Within this research area, I delve into the intricate aspects of building physics to understand how various factors such as heat transfer, moisture management, and air quality interact within the built environment. By employing advanced numerical simulations and analytical methods, I seek to identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in building designs that may compromise occupant comfort, energy efficiency, or structural integrity.

Moreover, I strive to develop predictive models that can anticipate the performance of these buildings under different climate conditions and external factors. By doing so, I can assess the effectiveness of different design strategies and interventions in maintaining optimal indoor conditions while mitigating risks such as condensation, mold growth, or inadequate thermal comfort.

Research interests

  • Building physics, hygrothermal performance, numerical simulation, moisture safety

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