Minna Kempe

Project researcher
Indoor air quality and healthy buildings

Civil Engineering
Faculty of Technology

My name is Minna Kempe and I am a Building health expert (RTA) with an educational background in biochemistry and laboratory sciences. I am working as a project researcher at the Civil Engineering research unit. I'm also a doctoral student and a part of the Healthy buildings research group.

I am currently working with two studies, one looking at the long-term effects of energy improvements on the indoor environment (INSULAtE follow-up) and the other being a national survey concerning the quality, health, and safety of living in Finland (ALTTI 2022). I am also utilizing INSULAtE (2010-2015) data to find out more about indoor microbiological communities and how indoor toxicity, measured by the effect that indoor samples have on cultured cells, might be connected to occupant health and the indoor environment.

My doctoral research links the current topic of energy improvement of buildings with the indoor environment, dust toxicity, and the multifaceted relationship between microbes and human health. 

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