Pertti Ala-aho

D.Sc. (tech), M.Sc. (tech)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Cold climate hydrology

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Pertti Ala-Aho

Ala-aho's research focuses on hydrological processes in Arctic and other snow-influenced regions. He gained his PhD in 2014 and has in total eight years of research experience in hydrology and hydrogeology, all as a part of international collaborations. Ala-aho is a motivated and curious young scientist who has built a strong track record in conducting high-level hydrological research in Northern environments.

Ala-aho is funded as a Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher (2018-2021) with a project: <<Where does water go when snow melts? New spatio-temporal resolution in stable water isotopes measurements to inform cold climate hydrological modelling>>. The project explores northern snow hydrology at Pallas atmosphere-hydrology-ecosystem supersite in Finnish Lapland, with collaborations in Alaska (UAA) and Sweden (SLU).

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