Soile Jokipii-Lukkari

PhD, Doc.
Academy Research Fellow

Ecology and Genetics
Faculty of Science

I am a plant molecular biologist particularly interested in wood formation. Sustainable forest management has a key role in a society relying on renewable materials while achieving carbon-neutral economic growth. The current demand for wood biomass and carbon sinks highlights the importance of knowledge-based forest management, and therefore, the information on genes controlling wood formation is especially valuable. The coniferous wood consists mainly of tracheids of which structure, lifespan and chemical characters differ significantly from the xylem cells of hardwoods. However, it is not known which molecules are causing the differences in the wood of conifers and hardwoods. My Academy Research Fellow project aims to increase the resolution of the knowledge that concerns the gene expression during the initial stages of tracheid formation.

Research interests

  • Wood formation
  • Wood anatomy
  • Conifers
  • Molecular biology
  • Wild berries
  • Biowaxes

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