Susanna Kaitera

MA (Education)
Project manager, doctoral researcher

Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities
Faculty of Education and Psychology

My research interests are linked to primary-school aged students' mathematical problem-solving. Research data was collected in two very different locations: in Finland and in Indonesia. The aim of the research was to map whether students from different educational backgrounds had differences in their skills, strategies and communication in non-routine mathematical tasks.

My main post is on a project called Teachers' digital pedagogical skills in distance and hybrid environments, which is organised by Learning and Educational Research Unit (LET). In addition to this, I have worked on projects targeted for in-service teachers, mainly on STEAM and STEM/LUMA-pedagogy and teachers' assessment literacy. These projects support teachers' continuous learning, provide practical ideas on everyday work and strenghten the development of research-based teaching. An interest towards these topics has derived from several years' of experience as a teacher.

Research interests

  • Mathematical problem-solving
  • Collaborative learning
  • Digital learning and pedagogical solutions

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+358 50 562 8243