Vesa Puhakka

Entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on narratives, legitimation, and the contextual use of language

Department of Marketing, Management and International Business
Oulu Business School

Vesan kuva

My work delves into the complexities of entrepreneurial narratives, examining how these stories serve to legitimize new ventures both domestically and internationally. I also explore the role of language in entrepreneurship, investigating how linguistic choices can shape perceptions and create opportunities in various contexts. I am particularly interested in how entrepreneurs craft their narratives to gain legitimacy and how language is strategically employed to engage stakeholders. In the realm of international entrepreneurship, my work scrutinizes the mechanisms through which new businesses are created across borders. I delve into the intricacies of language use in international settings, focusing on how it serves to create opportunities and convince stakeholders across different cultures and markets.

My research contributes to a broader understanding of the multi-faceted nature of entrepreneurship, offering insights that are valuable for both scholars and practitioners. By investigating the nuanced ways in which narratives and language shape entrepreneurial activities, I aim to provide a comprehensive view of entrepreneurship in a globalized world.

Research interests

  • Entrepreneurial narratives; legitimation processes; language use in entrepreneurship; entrepreneuring as practice; entrepreneurial leadership; disruptive behavior; international entrepreneurship; language in international settings

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Vesan kuva

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