Research at the Botanical Garden

In its research activities, the Botanical Garden is primarily a research support unit whose mission is to provide living plant material, breeding facilities and practical assistance to researchers and students.

Kuva sammaleen tutkimuksesta

Research in the garden

The garden also conducts its own research activities, focusing on northern plant reproduction and hardiness, environmental research (landscaping, ornamental plants, endangered plants) and applied biotechnology as a part of plant production science. We constantly look new winterhardy ornamentals to Northern green areas and gardens. Finnish endangered wild plants are propagated to increase our ex situ -collection.

Tissue culture

The Botanical Garden has its own micropropagation laboratory where plants can be propagated and multiply in laboratory conditions.

Cryo presevation

Botanical Garden has cryopreservation equipment for the conservation of plant genetic resources, where plant material can be stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees. The garden has developed cryopreservation protocols for several native endangered wild plants.

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