Events and rental of facilities

You can book a space from the University of Oulu for your event. Spaces are available at the Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses, as well as at the Science Garden located in conjunction with the Botanical Garden. The sizes of the available spaces range from small rooms for a few dozen people to larger halls capable of accommodating several hundred people.

Principles of venue rental

In the use of university rooms and facilities, the university's own activities take precedence. When external parties rent the spaces, the event's organizer should be displayed in event brochures and announcements. Spaces are not rented for events competing with the university's activities, such as paid courses, seminars, or training courses.

During the national and municipal elections, peace for working and political neutrality must be maintained in the university’s operations. The university will not organise election meetings for individual candidates or parties. However, the university premises can be equally rented for election events in accordance with the university’s normal rental rates. Corridor and lobby areas will not be rented for the use of individual political parties or candidates.

Rentable halls

There are halls available for rent at the Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses. The sizes of the spaces vary from small rooms for a few dozen people to larger halls capable of accommodating several hundred people. Our largest hall is the L1 Hall in Linnanmaa, which can accommodate 600 people. The rental price depends on the size of the hall.

Our banquet hall, Saalasti Hall, is located at the Linnanmaa campus and has approximately 500 seats, with an additional 45 seats in the gallery. The rental price for Saalastinsali is €250.00 per hour plus VAT at 24%.

Furniture and equipment are billed separately if they are not part of the hall's fixed equipment. For detailed information about the rental of halls and their prices, please contact

Tellus and Science Garden

Spaces are also available in Tellus at the Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses. Tellus in Linnanmaa is centrally located in the heart of the Linnanmaa campus and provides space for meetings, events, and studying. Tellus Kontinkangas is situated at the University's Kontinkangas campus.

The spaces in the Science Garden, located in conjunction with the Botanical Garden, are suitable for smaller events and workshops.

Interested in booking and renting Tellus or Science Garden spaces? See the details below.

Bookings and invoicing

Bookings for halls and rooms are made via email to When booking a space, it is necessary to name a responsible person who will ensure the appropriate use of the space and lock the doors. Bookings are billed on a monthly basis. Bookings made by external parties are always confirmed in writing.


Bookings can be canceled in writing without a fee if canceled two weeks before the booking's start date. Cancellations made within less than two weeks will incur the full fee.

Lobby services in connection with hall bookings

The university's own service assistant handles lobby service tasks. From Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:45 PM, the booking fees include one service assistant to assist with the event.

However, after 3:45 PM on weekdays and on weekends, an additional lobby service resource/hour is added to the booking fees. The price is €60.00 per hour plus VAT at 24%. Additional charges for lobby services depend on the required services and timing.

Additionally, renters can use their own staff for tasks such as cloakroom and guiding. The use of own staff must be agreed separately when booking the hall.

AV and other equipment

AV equipment already available in the rooms is included in the rent. Additional equipment brought into the rooms or halls is subject to separate charges according to the equipment price list. Many of our halls are equipped for hybrid events. For detailed information about rentable halls and their technology, please contact

Other costs

Additional costs, such as extra cleaning costs, are charged separately.


The university’s time-limited or paid visitor parking spaces can be used for event parking. Linnanmaa campus offers both time-limited and paid parking for short-term visitors. On the Kontinkangas campus, the university does not have separate visitor parking spaces.

Payment for the university's visitor parking spaces can be obtained through the eParking, EasyPark, or ParkMan apps. The short-term parking permit may also be booked beforehand through these systems. Learn more about parking.

If an event held at the Linnanmaa campus requires separate parking arrangements, agree on the arrangements with Campus Services Separate parking arrangements are only made for large events. The cost of separate parking is based on the number of parking spaces booked for the event.


The primary responsibility for event safety lies with the event organizer, who must appoint a responsible person. The event organizer should ensure that the event follows the safety guidelines and regulations set by authorities. If planning an event with over 200 attendees, consider whether it is necessary to make an event notification.

When planning event safety arrangements, consider the size and nature of the event. The event organizer should assess the risks associated with the event, which will determine the level of preparedness required. If necessary, the risk assessment is updated together with the university’s safety organisation. For more information on safety-related matters, please contact


You can arrange catering for your event from your preferred provider, but the premises of campus restaurants should not be used without permission. Caterers are also responsible for removing food waste.

You can order catering for the event from the campus staff restaurants. The restaurants of Uniresta and Juvenes provide catering services at the Linnanmaa campus. Uniresta provides catering services at Kontinkangas.



When planning an event, it's important to consider the potential special needs of participants related to mobility, sight, or hearing. Campus maps indicate accessible entrances, parking areas, and restrooms.

For more information on the accessibility of campuses and facilities equipped with induction loops for the hearing-impaired, please contact

Sustainability and responsibility

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