Arctic Biobank - material request and use of data

Arctic Biobank aims to promote research in health and well-being, and in medicine and life sciences. It provides samples and data for high-quality research projects aimed at elucidating the causes of disease and the impact of genetics, environment and lifestyles on their onset. The results of the research will help prevent disease and develop safer, more effective and individualized treatments.

Biological samples and relating data collected before 2013 in Northern Finland Birth Cohorts – Research program for health and wellbeing can be requested from Arctic Biobank.

Material request process

Material requests directly to Arctic Biobank can be done with the process described on this www-page. Note that Arctic Biobank is now available also via Fingenious® service.

Material request process to Arctic Biobank includes the following phases:

  1. Research plan
  2. Consultation
  3. Material request
  4. Scientific evaluation and decision
  5. Material transfer agreement
  6. Data and sample compilation and delivery from Arctic Biobank
  7. Data and sample analyses
  8. Progress report from the project
  9. Return of samples and results to Arctic Biobank
  10. Final report from the project

During the project activities

Research projects using Arctic Biobank material are requested to provide progress and final reports as agreed in the Material transfer agreement (MTA). Use the template:

If any changes and deviates for the original research plan and signed MTA occurs, the project is required the provide information to Arctic Biobank. Depending on the changes, updated research plan may be required.