Oulu City Campus

Oulu City Campus is one of the measures to increase the attraction of the university and the city in the decades to come. The new campus makes the university and the academic community a visible part of the everyday and social life of the city. The City Campus is more accessible from different parts of Oulu and other regions, because it locates alongside the bus and railway station.

The academic world is in rapid change when studies and work can be done remotely anywhere. The need for space reduces and changes to versatile, convertible premises.

Welcome to participate in building the future of the university and the university city of Oulu! We will gather information on the project on this page and answers to frequently asked questions.
Keskustakampuksen viitteellinen havainnekuva
A referential sketch of the City Campus. There will be a architecture competition of the campus.

Questions and answers

Location of the City Campus on the Raksila lot.