University Regulations

The University Regulations (the rules of procedure) lay down the framework within which the university implements its core functions in teaching, research and service to the society.

The University of Oulu Regulations aim to ensure the openness and transparency of decision making, the interactive and goal-oriented nature of management and the high standard of research, education and the services they require. The application of these regulations must account for the requirements of
research and education, the university community’s members’ opportunities to influence matters
and equality.

The University Regulations include:

  • General regulations
  • Tasks and operational profile of the University
  • Organisation and management
  • The assembly and tasks of the Board of Directors
  • Rector and vice rectors
  • The University Collegium
  • Research and Education Councils
  • University of Oulu Graduate School
  • University Services
  • Faculties
  • Separate institutions
  • Auditors
  • Elections
  • Processing affairs
  • Personnel qualification requirements
  • Entry into force and transferral

The new University Regulations entered into force on 1 January 2024.