University management

The Rector is in charge of directing the operations of the University. Each of the three Vice Rectors are responsible for their own area: education, research, or cooperation affairs.



Jouko Niinimäki

The Rector manages the University’s operations and is responsible for the efficient, economic and effective completion of the University’s duties.

Doctor of Technology Jouko Niinimäki has been the Rector of the University since 1 January 2015.

Niinimäki was appointed Professor of Fibre and Particle Engineering in 2000. During 2000–2014 he operated as the head of a Fibre and Particle Engineering research group. He worked as Dean of the Faculty of Technology in 2014.

Niinimäki matriculated as a Doctor of Technology in the University of Oulu in 1998. He graduated as Master of Science in Technology in 1993.

Executive Assistant (Rector)
Katja Seppälä
Tel. +358 294 484 071, +358 40 540 1060

Vice Rector for Research

Taina Pihlajaniemi

The Vice Rector for Research is responsible for the productivity of the University’s research activities and services supporting them, and the quality and development of research. Objectives directing the operation include internationality, high quality and interdisciplinary research. In addition, efficient utilisation of up-to-date infrastructures, and promotion of open and responsible science are seeked.

Vice Rector for Education

Mirja Illikainen

The Vice Rector for Education is responsible for the productivity of the University’s education activities and their supporting services, and the quality and development of education. Key responsibilities include developing degree education, services of continuous learning and student experience.

Vice Rector for Cooperation

Arto Maaninen

The Vice Rector for Cooperation is responsible for the University’s relationships with institutes of higher education, research institutions and companies. Key responsibilities include strengthening research-based innovation activities, promotion of international innovation partnerships and EU influencing

Executive Assistant (Vice Rectors)
Jaana Vainionpää
Tel. +358 294 484 073

Other management

Administrative Director

Essi Kiuru

The Administrative Director assists the Rector in leading the University, making initiatives for renewing the activities of the University, especially in management, organization and work processes.

Executive Assistant (Administrative Director)

Päivi Nylund

Tel. +358 294 482 905

Human Resources Director

Jarmo Okkonen

Human Resources Director is responsible for the definitions of policy in human resources management, in accordance with the University strategy. The Director's area of responsibility includes the development of recruiting, managing, knowhow and well-being of personnel. The Director works in close cooperation with the Unviersity's management, superiors and personnel representatives.

Chief Financial Officer

Pekka Riuttanen

Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the internal and external accounting of the University, its quality and its development.

Development Director

Johanna Bluemink

Development Director leads university-level strategic development with her Unit for Strategy and Science Policy (STY). The unit is responsible for knowledge management and supports the University’s decision-making, quality assurance and research assessment. The unit coordinates international affairs and policies for sustainable development, open science and responsible research.

Director of University Service Processes

Marja Sarajärvi

The Director of University Service Processes is responsible for the service processes of the University and the development of services. The Director works in close cooperation both with the service providers and the service customers.

Communications Director

Marja Jokinen

Communications Director is responsible for the strategic planning, realization and development of the external and internal communications and marketing of the University. A central task of the Director is improving the business image and the business and media relations of the University.

Executive Assistant (other management)

Jaana Vainionpää

Tel. +358 294 484 073