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You can find instructions specific to your own study programme below. All study instructions will gradually be moved to the For you -section. Follow the communication from your faculty to stay up to date on the schedule. Instructions for all faculties can be found here by September 2019 at the latest.

The Faculty of Humanities offers a wide variety of subjects (about 30), of which 13 lead to graduation in the field.

The study guides 2017-2018 in English are available in WebOodi.

Programme Structure Diagram 2019-2020

Programme Structure Diagram 2018-2019

Programme Structure Diagram 2017-2018

Study guides

The study guide contains a detailed description of all courses in our Faculty. While the printed guides are in Finnish, you can find use Weboodi to find information in English.

From the Information Processing Science degree programme, you can graduate as a Bachelor of Science (luonnontieteiden kandidaatti, LuK, 180 credits) or a Master of Science (filosofian maisteri, FM, 120 credits). The mandatory studies in the Bachelor of Science degree as the same for all students. There are two study lines in the Master’s Programme: IT Systems and Software Production. You can also graduate as a Master of Science from the international Master’s Programme in Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment (GS3D).

For further information about the study lines, please see the study guide.

WebOodi includes all of the Information Processing Science courses and their structures. Supplementary information is available in the degree programme’s study guide. You can also download the Faculty’s old study guides that include all of this information.

Structure of the studies of the degree programme on Information Processing Science 2018–2019

Structure of the studies of the degree programme on Information Processing Science 2017–2018

Old study guides


File BSc_Information Processing Science_2018-2019.docx

File MSc_Information Processing Science_2018-2019.docx

Programme Structure Diagram 2019-2020


Programme Structure Diagrams -2018


ElEng BSc 2017-2018

ElEng MSc 2017-2018

ElTelecom BSc 2018-2019

ElTelecom MSc 2018-2019


WCE 2019-2021

WCE 2018-2020

WCE 2017-2019WCE


WCE 2015-2017

WCE 2014-2016

WCE 2013-2015

WCE 2012-2014

WCE 2011-13


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