Career Stories

Anna Runtti is about to start her fourth year of studies in the Information Processing Science Degree Programme. Anna was drawn to information processing science because of its versatility and focus on people as well as the varied job opportunities it offers.

“I have a lot of choices. I can do everything in the IT sector: programming, design, user interface design,” lists Anna.

Programming is an essential part of the studies. Anna herself did not have any previous experience of programming, but she would still recommend information processing science to people who with no strong background in programming languages. She explains why:

“The teaching has been of such a high quality that I easily got the hang of it.”

Close to people

To Anna, one of the strengths of Information Processing Science at the University of Oulu is its focus on people.

“The starting point when studying information processing science are the people that use IT. The users are taken into account, there is human contact and we study the interface between people and computers.”

Anna is especially interested in UI design. For Anna, who is interested in graphic design, the degree programme offers courses that also focus on the visual aspects of user interfaces.

Projects allow you to start your career

Students of Information Processing Science also complete larger projects, often based on customer needs. The contacts to businesses and experience can also open doors to working life.

“The projects will provide you with work experience that you can use when trying to find a job. This way, you can get a summer job even without any previous work experience. You can also do your thesis for a customer,” Anna explains.

After graduation, Anna plans to do something else in addition to programming. This goal is supported by the fact that she selected management at the Oulu Business School as her minor.

The most important tool during her future career will be her brain, however.

“You need to master logical thinking,” Anna summarises.

Last updated: 21.6.2017