Master's Thesis

Evaluation Procedure and Requirements for Inspectors

A Master's Thesis is evaluated by the Degree Programme Committee in the Department of Information Processing Science. Two inspectors, of which another is typically a supervisor, write a statement and propose a grade according to evaluation criteria (see instructions for theses). The Study Evaluation Group makes the decision. A student may request correction from the university examination board within 14 days from the day he/she was able to receive the results of the evaluation.

The deadlines for delivering a thesis for evaluation are in the Degree Programme Committee's page.

Requirements for Inspectors

Proposed Grade Requirement for Inspectors
1 Both holding at least master's degree
4 One holding at least doctor's degree,
another holding at least master's degree

If the proposed grade is 5, the evaluation requires two Study Evaluation Group meetings as follows:

  • In the first meeting, the Study Evaluation Group nominates a third inspector that is a professor, a docent, a doctor or a person holding equal competence. The third inspector must have adequate expertise on the domain of the thesis and/or the methods used in the thesis.
  • In the second meeting, the Study Evaluation Group decides the grade based on the statements.

Students and supervisors must take into account the time taken by the evaluation procedure.

For additional information, see the Noppa page of Master's thesis seminar.

Last updated: 20.8.2018