Kiviniemi Vesa

Oulu Functional Neuroimaging - OFNI


Research unit: Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology (MIPT)


Group leader

Professor Vesa Kiviniemi (MD, PhD)


What do we do

Our research focuses on measuring spontaneous brain activity in multiple domains. Our clinical neurophysiologists are doing research on hippocampal cell slices, MSNA activity from peroneus nerve, EEG and rTMS on brain. Our fMRI group has done resting state fMRI on > 2000 population with 1.5 T scanners since 2007. We have imaged with a 3 T Skyra since 2012 using latest magnetic resonance encephalography-sequence (MREG) with simultanoues EEG, EKG, NIRS, NIBP, pCO2, breathing measurements. Our goal is to unravel the origins of spontaneous brain activity fluctuations and factors modulating them.


Our team

Clinical Neurophysiology

  • Kallio Mika, docent
  • Sipilä Sampsa, MD, PhD
  • Rytky Seppo, MD

fMRI - Radiology

  • Kiviniemi Vesa, professor
  • Nikkinen Juha, Medical physicist, adjunct professor
  • Starck Tuomo, DI, Medical physicist
  • Korhonen Vesa, DI, PhD student
  • Kantola Jussi, reseacher
  • Hiltunen Tuija, PhD student
  • Tuovinen Timo, medical student


Where are we headed

In the future we aim to develop more sensitive/earlier functional brain analysis methods for brain disorders.


Our main collaborators

Matias Palva, Helsinki Universirty, Finland
Juha Veijola, Prof. Psychiatry, Oulu, Finland
Irma Moilanen, emer. Prof. Child Psychiatry, Oulu, Finland
Yu-Feng Zang, prof. Hanzhou Normal University, China, Finland
Pierre LeVan, Freiburg University, Germany

How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019