Aging Population Cohorts, Oulu1935 and Oulu1945

The studies on aging populations in Oulu were started in 1990 and 2000 for individuals born in 1935 (Oulu35) and 1945 (Oulu45) respectively. The aim was to find solutions to maintain individuals’ health, well-being and ability to function. Both of these cohorts comprise of 1000 individuals living in Oulu region with the follow-up data from the age of 55 until 80 years (Oulu35) and until 70 years (Oulu45).

Young men in the North

Young men in the North - The conscription cohort in the Northern Finland

Military service is obligatory for men in Finland. However, in the Northern Finland around one third of men attending military call-up session are rejected from service due to problems in somatic or mental health. In addition, around 13% of those entering the service are pre-term exempted because of health problems. Failure in military service may expose young man in risk for marginalisation. This cohort study focuses on somatic and mental health deficits as well as social factors relating to coping in military service and its longitudinal consequences in adult life. It also investigates protective factors that may enhance wellbeing and reduce the risk for marginalisation.

Study sample
One-year military call-up sample in the Northern Finland (provinces of Oulu and Lapland) in the autumn 2014 (N=4650 men, majority born in 1996).

Questionnaire form (in finnish)

The variable list of the questionnaire study (in finnsh)