MREG pulse

Research area

The core idea of our research is improve detection of brain diseases with functional neuroimaging of spontaneous brain activity. For this we have two major veins: clinical and basic scientific ones. The clinical trials tries to separate abnormal spontaneous brain activity in diseases. The basic research focuses on understanding the baseline brain activity in order to further develop more sensitive and specific disease markers. For both of we utilize the following methods: resting/activation state fMRI, BOLD-EEG, MRE(E)G, NIRS, NIBP. Dept. Clinical Neurophysiology offers their expierience in intracellular patch clamp measurements of hippocampal cells, MNSA in vivo, rTMS.

Due to the excellent collaboration within Oulu University Hospital we have access to very well selected and homogenous patient populations that have been thoroughly investigated by the local health care system. We also have access to Norther Finland Birth Cohorts 1966 and 1986 data that has data of some 22000 subjects dating back to pre-birth and having very accurate records and several tests including GWAS. Also Prof. Irma Moilanen's Autism Spectrum Disorder cohorts and data collections from child and adult Neurological departments offer continuous data collections, latest being refractory epilepsy and narcolepsy groups from Hanna Ansakorpi.

research examples

In 2014 we started collaboration with another pioneering European neuro-oncology angiolaboratory by Outi Kuittinen on multimodal monitoring of blood brain barrier disruption. BBBD is used to treat otherwise lethal CNS lymphoma by opening patients blood brain barrier with i.a. mannitole which increases anti-cancer drug penetrance to the brain 100x over the otherwise non-penetrating blood brain barrier. We were able to monitor the opening of the BBB with EEG and NIRS. We aim to start imaging these subjects in the SKYRA with ultra-fast MREG sequence graciously obtained from Jurgen Hennigs FBI group within a multimodal setup. During 2014 we were able to demostrate two new physiological pulsations mechanisms of the glymphatic clearing system with the pioneer of the field, Maiken Nedergaard with the MREG data.

MREG pulsations

Last updated: 13.7.2017