Janne Kananen

Janne KananenMD (Licenciate of Medicine), M.Sc (Tech., Computer Science and Engineering)
Department of Radiology,
Oulu University Hospital, POB 50, 90029 Oulu, Finland

janne.kananen (ät) student.oulu.fi


Present position

Doctoral student
  University of Oulu Graduate School, Medical Research Center Oulu -doctoral programme

Research summary

I focus on resting state functional MRI and physiological noise in epilepsy on my PhD project. My intereste is to develop new methods and find new techniques for analysing data and this way to compare possible differences.


V. Raatikainen, N. Huotari, V. Korhonen, A. Rasila, J. Kananen, L. Raitamaa, T. Keinänen, J. Kantola, O. Tervonen and V. Kiviniemi, “Combined spatiotemporal ICA (stICA) for continuous and dynamic lag structure analysis of MREG data”, NeuroImage, vol. 148 (1), March 2017, pages 352-363.

Z. Rajna, J.Kananen, A.Keskinarkaus, T.Seppänen and V. Kiviniemi, “Detection of short-term activity avalanches in human brain default mode network with ultrafast MR encephalography”, Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, vol. 9, 2015

TM.Seppänen, J.Kananen, K.Noponen, O-P.Alho, T.Seppänen, “Accurate measurement of respiratory airflow waveforms using depth data”. Proc. of the 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, accepted, 2015.

Last updated: 13.7.2017