Courses organised in the Chemical Process Engineering

Note: The default teaching language is Finnish, if not otherwise stated.

477201A Material and Energy Balances
477202A Reactor Analysis
477203A Process Design (in English)
477204S Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
477206S Advanced Process Design (in English)
477207S Industrial Water and Wastewater Technologies
477208S Biorefineries
477209S Chemical Process Simulation (in English)
488302A Basics of Biotechnology (in English)
488304S Bioreactor technology (in English)
488305S Advanced Course for Biotechnology (in English)
488307S Bioprosessitekniikka
488309A Biokatalyysi (not lectured, replaced by 488212A Katalyysin perusteet)
488311S Industrial Microbiology
488212A Katalyysin perusteet


Last updated: 24.9.2019