Less-PFAS - Sustainable management of PFAS-contaminated materials, 2019–2022


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Less-PFAS - Sustainable management of PFAS-contaminated materials, 2019–2022

The aim of this project is, in cooperation with partners from Sweden, Finland and Norway, and with the support of the industry, to optimize the existing and most promising PFAS destruction methods, and scale them up to practical solutions in the field. The specific aims are to:

  1. To develop a sorbent that combined with the specific degradation technique could be applied to clean water and simultaneously destroy PFAS.
  2. To optimise existing PFAS degradation techniques and scale them up to practically applicable methods in field.
  3. To demonstrate/validate the techniques on a pilot scale.
  4. To provide companies with ready-to use techniques to clean PFAS contaminated soil and water.
  5. To spread the information about the chemical itself and about the possibilities to sustainably manage PFAS-contaminated materials.

The Less-PFAS Consortium is made up of three partners, Luleå University of Technology (coordinator, Sweden) University of Oulu (Finland), and UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Norway). The project has started in September 2019 and will end in August 2022. Less-PFAS is financed by the EU program Interreg Nord. University of Oulu is also receiving co-financing from the Regional Council of Lapland.

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Tiina Leiviskä, Docent, Dr. (Tech.)

Chemical Process Engineering, University of Oulu

E-mail: tiina.leiviska@oulu.fi

Tel. +358 (0) 294482386


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