On-going projects

2021 NITRGONE - Nitrogen compound removal processes

2020-2021 SPRUCE - Spruce bark-based materials for industrial water treatment

2020-2022 Efficient utilization of hemicellulose in biorefining

2019-2022 Less-PFAS - Sustainable management of PFAS-contaminated materials

2019-2020 EMCOLD - Removal of emerging micropollutants in cold climate – comparison of removal in large scale between conventional activated sludge process and aeration-membrane bioreactor process

2019-2021 CircLab - Ravinteiden kierrätyksen ja tulevaisuuden teknologioiden demonstraatioympäristö

2018-2021 SEESIMA - Supporting environmental, economic and social impacts of mining activity


Past projects

2017-2020 VanProd - Innovation for Enhanced Production of Vanadium from Waste Streams in the Nordic Region

2016-2020 COSUMA - Comprehensive sulfate management in cold mining waters

2018-2020 Value adding of forest biomass – Raw materials for polymers from side products of biorefining

2017-2019 HemiH2 - Biohydrogen from wood hemicellulose hydrolysate

2016-2019 GEOVANA - Removal of vanadium from mining wastewaters and contaminated natural waters using geological materials

2016-2019 Fermatra - Tackling mass transfer challenges in fermentations

2015-2018 SusBioRef - Sustainable production concepts on integrated biorefining industry

2016-2018 MIN-NORTH - Development, Evaluation and Optimization of Measures to Reduce the Impact on the Environment from Mining Activities in Northern Regions

2015-2018 HuJa - Enhancing the treatment of metal containing storm waters and wastewaters using natural materials

2016-2017 SuoBio - Suobiomassojen jalostus arvokkaiksi tuotteiksi

2015-2017 Biojalostuksen arvoketjut - Biomassasta uusia kemikaaleja, kasvua ja liiketoimintaa

2015-2017 PREBIO - Biomassojen energia- ja kustannustehokas esikäsittely osana biojalostuksen arvoketjua

2015-2017 PheRes - Greening of phenolic resoles

2011-2015 PHASESTABEQ - Phase Stability Calculation and Equilibrium Measurements for Biorefinery

2009-2012 HIP NANOMEM - High Permeance Nano Porous Tubular Zeolite Membranes for Efficient Separation of CO2 and Methanol at Demanding Conditions

Last updated: 15.2.2021