Modelling zeolite membrane separations

The future biorefineries are projected to include e.g. hybrid separation and reaction-separation combining processes, which require advanced materials (e.g. zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks) to perform the targeted separations. It is evident that novel membrane separation models are needed to describe the behaviour of the processes. Thus, the modelling of the processes is emphasized in our research work.

Currently, the CPE group membrane separation modelling research focuses on

  • the development of Maxwell-Stefan models for zeolite membrane separation in both pervaporation and gas-gas separation applications,
  • seeking actively ways to extend the predictive capabilities of the Maxwell-Stefan models and application of molecular dynamics simulations in combination with real zeolite membrane applications.

Our research facilities include e.g. pervaporation, vapor permeation and gas-gas membrane separation equipments to enable e.g. model validation in realistic case examples.


Prof. Juha Tanskanen,



Last updated: 25.8.2020