HemiH2 - Biohydrogen from wood hemicellulose hydrolysate, 2017-2019

HemiH2 (Biohydrogen from wood hemicellulose hydrolysate)

The Tekes funded HemiH2 (Biohydrogen from wood hemicellulose hydrolysate) project will research and develop equipment and modelling; to enable efficient production of in-situ biohydrogen for different wood biorefining concepts and heterogeneous solid catalysts; to promote biohydrogen production in the investigated processes. The project research partners are University of Oulu and Åbo Akademi University.

Development of new products from wood is currently going on both in Finland and around the world. Utilization of wood as a raw material in different biorefining processes demands among others feasible sources for hydrogen. Although fossil based hydrogen is available, improving the environmental sustainability of the production demands finding renewable sources for hydrogen. One potential source for this is biohydrogen produced from wood and wood hydrolysates. In practically all biorefineries, different side streams and residues are available that have only minor value in the current processing. These streams are considered as one potential source for raw material. Conversion of wood to biohydrogen demands also well designed process stages.

In the proposal, a concept for biohydrogen production is developed applying selective hemicellulose reactive extraction from wood to monosaccharides and novel aqueous phase reforming over a solid catalyst steps. The concept is applied in industrially interesting cases developed in close operation with the participating industry, academia and technology providers resulting both into novel solutions for the conversion of hemicellulose to biohydrogen and optimal process concepts in the investigated processes.


Project description in Finnish.


Jani Kangas

Post-doctoral researcher, Dr. (Tech.)

HemiH2 Project Manager

Chemical Process Engineering, University of Oulu

Last updated: 22.11.2017