Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme


Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme (TNS-DP) is responsible for the doctoral training in the Kvantum Institute's research areas which represent two of the University's thematic focus areas: 'Creating sustainability through materials and systems' and 'Earth and near-space system and environmental change'.

The DP covers the following Doctoral Degree Programmes in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Technology:

The links to the degree programs include degree program structure and study requirements but also the names of the degree program directors. 

The doctoral programme promotes doctoral training by providing funding for the development of courses and other activities on university, national, and international level. The DP organizes some of the activities, e.g. research plan seminars.

Technology and Natural Sciences DP Facebook page is used for distributing recent updates of the DP as well as for the information on the events and news of other relevant organizations. Visitors have also a possibility to share their posts in the page.


Riitta Kamula, TNS-DP coordinator (firstname.lastname at


Last updated: 12.7.2020