Lifelong health

We generate greater understanding of the factors that affect health during life and how this knowledge can be translated into the benefit of lifelong health. We explore human life from fetal development to old age, including molecular and physiological properties, and environmental, social and psychosocial factors. In addition, we promote learning into the possibilities of combining ICT with health and service research to create new innovations in connected health.

Multidisciplinary research activities in the focus area are coordinated by the Biocenter Oulu. Research is conducted mainly in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and, in cooperation with Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, in Medical Research Center Oulu.

Meet the researcher

Jouko Miettunen's group studies especially themes related to the psychiatric epidemiology, for example risk factors of psychotic and depressive disorders in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort studies.

Mobile phone measures the ease of breathing

Infrastructures and partners

The University of Oulu’s infrastructures are high-class research infrastructures serving a wide customer base with an open access policy. Biocenter Oulu core facilities serve academic and other customers in their research and R&D projects. These infrastructures belong to the national distributed Biocenter Finland research infrastructure network and participate in international ESFRIs Infrafrontier, Euro-BioImaging, and Instruct. Biobank Borealis is part of national biobank network FinBioBank and