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Master's Programme in Biochemistry, Master of Science (2 years)

  • In-depth training in understanding structure-function relationships of proteins and their characterisation

  • Strong focus on practical skills and use of most modern equipment in protein expression and analysis

  • Highly flexible degree aimed at students with an interest in a research career, taught by an international staff

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The International Master’s Degree Programme in Biotechnology is a two-year programme planned around the early integration of M.Sc. students into research groups and the hands-on use of modern biochemical and molecular biology equipment by individual students. Early exposure to research work provides insights into cutting edge approaches in structural and enzymology characterisation as well as cell and molecular biology methods. A completion of a minimum of 120 study units equivalent to ECTS credits is required to complete the master’s degree studies. The flexible programme includes courses in

  • protein production and analysis (compulsory)
  • biochemical methodologies (compulsory)
  • 3-6 week orientation to research work periods in research groups (compulsory)
  • basic aspects of crystallographic methods
  • structural enzymology
  • biochemistry of protein folding
  • systems biology
  • bioinformatics and biocomputing
  • structure-based drug discovery

Additional optional studies include (but are not limited to):

  • advanced biotechnology/bioprocess engineering
  • immunology
  • animal use in research
  • yeast genetics and genomics
  • information skills for foreign degree students
  • bioreactor technology
  • molecular bases of disease

In addition, up to 15 credits can be taken from other suitable courses taught at the Oulu University or any other university, as long as they are of the appropriate level and connected to biochemistry or logically support some aspect of the Protein Science and Biotechnology programme.

Due to the range of courses available in the programme, a wide variety of expertise that can be obtained during M.Sc. level studies at FBMM. The official diploma title received after successful completion of our international M.Sc. programme will be M.Sc. in Protein Science and Biotechnology. Depending on the course choices, the training received may also provide you with excellent proficiency in molecular and cellular biology.

The duration of the M.Sc. thesis research work is flexible depending on the interest of the students and may be three months (more courses/lectures taken) or eight months (longer M.Sc. thesis research period).

Significant number of students spend orientation to research work periods outside the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine or carry out the research work for their MSc thesis abroad

The Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine offers a highly international environment of cutting edge research in Protein Structure analysis, Enzymology, Proteomics, Bioimaging, Developmental Biology, Matrix Biology and Metabolism research. About fifty percent of our staff are native to other countries than Finland, and research groups are well connected globally to other specialists and research groups in their fields of study. Many students holding an M.Sc. from our faculty have gone on to Ph.D. programmes of other prestigious institutions all over the world, and many have stayed at FBMM Oulu to continue in our Ph.D. programme.
The skills gained in the programme offer you the academic training and expertise required to succeed in a research environment, but will also open opportunities in biomedical and related industries.

Successful applicants should hold a B.Sc. or higher degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry or a related field in the natural or life sciences and have a good command of technical English language in biochemistry and molecular biology.