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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) or Master of Health Sciences (2 years)

  • Shanghai Ranking´s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020: #151–200 Computer Science & Engineering, #301–400 Medical Technology
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge in medical and health technologies from theoretical and practical perspective
  • Capability to design and implement biomedical measurement systems and health applications, and  process multimodal biomedical signals and images

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The International Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a two-year interdisciplinary programme focusing on biomechanics, medical imaging and measurement, digital signal and image analysis, machine learning, big data analytics and healthcare informatics. The programme provides students with a a tailored study profile that fits their professional interests. The programme will give them relevant skills and core knowledge of the latest methods, tools and technologies combined with issues such as:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • biomechanics and biomaterials
  • biomedical measurements
  • medical physics and imaging
  • biomedical signal and image processing
  • machine learning and big data
  • artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine
  • information systems and mobile applications in health care
  • health technology applications


The high quality of the Finnish health care system is well-known all over the world. Finland has an impressive heath technology industry and the University of Oulu and the OuluHealth innovation ecosystem offer an excellent platform for research and development. The BME programme is organized by internationally recognized, world-class research groups in close collaboration with the Oulu University Hospital. The programme and the research groups have strong connections with other health care organizations and the health technology industry.

"The university is highly focused on research, and new technologies are introduced as they are developed. This makes the environment very suitable for aspiring researchers and scientists."


The programme is highly focused on experimentation, practical work and problem-based learning in its studies and research. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the programme is based on applied research and real-world problems and solutions, which is strengthened by its close links to industry. The programme is inherently multidisciplinary as it combines the technological and medical expertise of two different faculties, the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine. The study environment is multinational and multilingual, as roughly half of the teaching staff and a significant number of students come from outside of Finland.

Oulu is a tech hub with a lot of established companies and world leaders in health care technology as well as start-ups and other industry players. This environment is ideal for BME students to plan for their professional careers. Graduates from the programme typically work in different expert duties in industry, research, education, and health care. Their career prospects are often international and they may work as designers, developers, researchers, service providers, entrepreneurs and so on. For the academically minded students, the programme is an excellent platform from which to build further studies and a researcher's career.

Occupational profiles of the graduates:

  • Developing and testing products in the industry as well as marketing and post-marketing support and managerial tasks
  • Research, education, and specialist duties in academia and research institutes
  • Consulting on the use and procurement of products, evaluation of performance, maintenance, customization of appliances to clinical and research needs in health care units
  • Public official tasks related to the quality control, and management, and establishment of safety standards

Students applying for the programme must possess an applicable B.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering, biophysics, physics, computer engineering, computer science, information technology, electrical engineering, control engineering, mechanical engineering, or other related fields.