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Application period: Jan 7-20, 2021 at 15.00 / 3 pm (GMT+2).

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) (2 years)

  • Multidisciplinary studies combine process engineering to environmental engineering
  • The programme provides skills to solve environmental problems and challenges
  • Programme’s industry-branch-independent, phenomena-based approach provides excellent skills in different areas of environmental engineering

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This 2-year master’s programme with its industry-branch-independent, phenomena-based approach provides students excellent talents to apply their learned skills into the different areas of environmental engineering.

The studies contain courses on the processes occurring in the different branches of process industry and on the phenomena related to energy systems and cleaner production methods, and give the students abilities to control, optimize, design and develop processes.

Further, the programme will educate the students on the methods for water and waste water treatment, natural phenomena and processes related to water resources and water engineering, the causes of environmental loads, and the different methods, tools and technologies in controlling and reducing harmful environmental effects.

Students applying for the programme must possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a suitable field of engineering, and applicants have to choose their preferred field of specialization (major), study option already when applying to the programme. Each option will provide its graduates with a specific set of skills and know-how, therefore each has its own criteria for the applicants. The Master’s Programme in Environmental Engineering includes three different study options:

  1. Industrial Environmental Engineering
  2. Sustainable Energy Systems
  3. Hydrology and Water Management

The objective of the Master's Programme of Environmental Engineering is to train creative and co-operative academic professionals for engineering careers and as experts in their own area of specialization.

Possible titles include:

  •  researcher
  • specialist
  • chemical process designer
  • environmental engineer
  • water plant engineer
  • development manager
  • production manager