Open Science and Research

Open science and research means efforts to promote transparent operations models in scientific research. The key objective is the publication of the research results, research data and methods within the limits of research ethics and legal environment of research in such a way that they are available for viewing and use of everybody interested.

Open access to the research results and data is a basic requirement of modern science; the basic requirement of most of the research funding agencies and publishers is the opening of research data and publications for the research communities. To realise this, university-level data policy and services are needed.

University of Oulu follows the national and international requirements for open science and research, taking into account the legitimate constraints on openness in order to protect immaterial rights and personal privacy. The definition of policy for self-archiving makes it as a part of the publishing process. From 1.1.2017 the University of Oulu requires that all research publication documents of researchers at the University of Oulu are self-archived in the University’s publication repository.