Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an inter-, cross- and multidisciplinary field of studies and research that challenges traditional disciplinary paradigms. The basic task of Gender Studies is to plan, provide and develop gender responsible and norm critical teaching and research. Gender Studies and its research group is located in the Faculty of Education. Teaching is arranged in collaboration with various teachers and researchers from different Faculties. Gender Studies serves the whole university and it is available for students from all the Faculties of the University of Oulu. Research and development collaboration is carried out within the university but also nationally and internationally by taking part to Nordic and European networks and by creating partnerships also more widely.

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Gender studies hosts a mailing list for staff, students, networks and other people interested in gender studies. Please contact the list admin johanna.hiitola @ and write a few lines about why you wish to join the mailing list.


3.3.2021 Researcher

Johanna Hiitola

6.9.2017 Researcher

Mervi Heikkinen

10.10.2017 Researcher

Anna Reetta Rönkä

16.8.2019 Researcher

Tuija Huuki

14.11.2017 Researcher

Suvi Pihkala

1.2.2019 Researcher

Eija Alaraasakka

16.11.2017 Researcher

Helena Louhela

27.2.2018 Researcher

Marian Tumanyan


Vappu Sunnari

6.11.2017 Researcher

Päivi Jokinen

24.8.2020 Researcher

Eveliina Puutio