Sanna Lipkin


Research interests

My research interest is understanding different parts of the identity of residents of early modern northern Finland, the social structure and the region’s connections to the capital, Stockholm, and other parts of Europe. My research material mostly consists of burial clothes, textiles and accessories. It is apparent that the different parts of identity, such as gender, ethnicity, religion and age, played a role when the burial clothes were being selected for the departed. My research aims to understand the attitude of the early modern people of northern Finland towards death and the manner in which it is reflected in modern-day Finland. I’m particularly interested in thoughts associated with the death of children, since the infant mortality rate was very high at the time.

I’m also interested in understanding childhood in archaeological materials and the research of burial clothes in a broader sense. I have participated in excavations by the University of Oulu and Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma in Crustumerium, close to Rome. We found a cluster of children’s tombs when studying a road. The studies are currently at the publication stage. My doctoral thesis in 2010 was titled "Textile-making in central Tyrrhenian Italy from the final Bronze Age to the Republican period".

I’m also interested in the relationship between archaeology and the general public, as well as the means available to popularise archaeology with the help of art. I have participated in a photography exhibition with photos of my research material.


Selected bibliography

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