Master's Degree Programme in Science Communication (TIEMA) is organised and run jointly by the subjects of History of Science and Ideas and Information Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, in cooperation with a number of communication/research experts and institutions.

Unique in Finland, the TIEMA Programme was launched in Autumn 2007, and it was originally built upon an ESF project which was carried out in 2001-2004, serving as a pilot project for University-level science communication education in Finland. 

By learning to understand the nature of the media and the scientific community as well as the language inherent in them, the students of TIEMA will gain the ability to work as mediators between science and the media. The students will learn to think analytically, use various appliances, retrieve, manage and produce information effectively, and work independently on projects.

Students are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify for employment in scientific journalism, content production and other areas of science communication. The curriculum has been developed to allow students to pursue careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors, either as employees, freelancers or entrepreneurs.

By the summer of 2016, over 40 TIEMA students have graduated with M.A. Degrees in Science Communication.


Last updated: 4.5.2017