Donations make an impact

Donations to the University of Oulu are an important part of producing new research. Donations make it possible for the university to recruit top scientists and to invest in long-term scientific research and new subjects of research.

Donations strengthen the research

In the University of Oulu, we participate in solving global problems with our cutting-edge research. Multidisciplinary research is conducted in five focus areas and new research openings are sought particularly at interdisciplinary interfaces.  The basis for applied multidisciplinary research is created by long-term basic research. The revenue from donation capital is used to strengthen focus areas of the research as strategic funding.

Supported research projects

In 2018, the university decided to use a significant amount of donation funds to benefit different disciplines. Thanks to donors we were able to recruit top scientists, support young researchers in their career path and make new research openings possible. Here are some stories about the impact of donations.