Non-degree study right

The process for applying for the non-degree study right depends on the validity and status of the degree study right at the University of Oulu. See instructions below.

Person who is not an enrolled degree student

A person who is not enrolled as a degree student at the University of Oulu can be granted a non-degree study right. A non-degree study right can be granted for single courses or study modules. A non-degree study right covers only the period and the courses or course modules it has been granted for. The non-degree study right can be granted if the courses or course modules has room for additional students. Non-degree studies have a fee, and it does not give the applicant degree student status.

Application for a non-degree study right is submitted by filling in application using Eforms electronic form: "Application for non-degree studies". The applicant should also attach documents of relevant previous studies (e.g. transcript, degree certificate or similar) to the application. Please note that one application form can contain courses only from one faculty. Note if you are applying for courses from more than one faculty, you need to submit separate applications to each faculty.

Non-degree studies have a fee of 10 eur / ECTS cr per granted study credit.

  • The fee is not charged for studies complementing teacher education studies.
  • Finnish as a second language studies organized by the Unit of Languages and Communication and the Faculty of Humanities are free of charge. Please notice that the second language teacher studies in the Faculty of Humanities are not free of charge.
  • Ukrainian language studies organized by the Unit of Languages and Communication are free of charge.

Applicant is informed of a granted non-degree study right through e-mail and the fee payment instructions will be sent at the same time. The study right will be valid only after the payment has been received. The study fee is paid through EduStore online shop. The study right is granted by the Education dean or by Languages and Communication unit.

There is a continuing application period for the studies. Application must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the start of the course(s).

Please note that non-degree study right is not granted for courses or course modules that the University of Oulu arranges only through the Open university.

If you are granted the non-degree study right:

  • the study right is marked to the student registry only after the fee payment has been received by the university
  • you will receive University of Oulu user account information once your studies begins
  • you will need to register to the courses listed in the granted non-degree study right application in Peppi.
  • check from Kela if you are eligible for student financial aid or meal subsidy

Person enrolled as a present degree student

A person registered as present at the University of Oulu can apply for non-degree study right for studies in another faculty. Non-degree studies are free of charge for a present degree student.

Detailed information about application procedures and admission criteria for minor subjects and other modules can be found from the study guide.

A person registered as a present degree student applies non-degree study right in Eforms-system. Log in to system from Eforms with your O365 student user account and choose: "Application for non-degree studies".

A student fills in the following information to the e-form:

  1. Personal data.
  2. Study right information in question (code, name and scope of the course or study module to be applied). Courses only from one faculty should be listed to one application.
  3. Grounds why studies are needed for. Under grounds there is space for necessary further information etc.
  • It is recommended to attach your PSP, which is already approved by tutor teacher, or the education designer.
  1. Finally, send the form to the Lead Specialist at the Faculty that you are applying to (select "next hadler" in the workflow section).

For additional information, please find your own degree programme contact information from Academic Affairs Service Teams.